Innovation in Vital Monitoring:
Disposable Wearable Sensors

Wearable Sensors


GOT Interface is proud to be on the front lines of advancements in compact and wearable technology that are providing resource-strapped hospitals an alternative to constant monitoring from doctors and nurses. It is now possible for wearable devices to be produced cost-effectively enough for single-use applications, without compromising product quality or accuracy.


A Fortune 500 medical supplier approached GOT Interface with a problem. Their current supplier could not meet the demands of the second-generation product in development. The medical equipment supplier was facing the challenge of finding a supplier who could:


          • Design and 3D model a complete device

          • Print a multilayered cost-effective flexible circuit

          • Mount components directly to these circuits

          • Add security features that would prevent counterfeiting of the sensor circuits

          • Provide reliable high-volume production fulfillment through a proven supply chain


GOT Interface was able to both model the circuits and supply the multilayer conductive circuits needed reliably, cost-effectively and to manufacturing standards. In order to help get the product to market fast, GOT Interface developed multiple ink combinations concurrently, allowing them to advance to the next phase of development earlier than initially projected. Since product security was crucial for this application, GOT Interface developed a custom solution for the device, mounting a Security IC directly to the device’s flex circuit. By preventing the sensor from being cloned, tampered with or counterfeited, this helped to ensure that the customer’s resources spent on product development wouldn’t be wasted.


GOT Interface’s close collaboration with the customer’s engineering team pushed the limits of continuous vital monitoring to develop a never-seen-before solution. The end-product was a lightweight, disposable, and wireless vital monitor that allowed mothers to move freely during labor. This custom solution enhanced patient’s comfort while maintaining clinical-grade accuracy and remaining a cost-effective option for hospitals.


Whether it’s design, NPI, supply chain management, end-of-life, or the entire product development cycle, GOT Interface’s flexible model can augment your operation precisely where you need it.


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