Communicating with your EZStepper or EZServo

AllMotion EZStepper and EZServos communicate with an RS485 serial bus. You may use either the RS232 to 485 convert or USB to 485 converter to connect your EZSteppers or EZServos to your computer. Once connected, there are several options for communicating with your EZStepper or EZServo. One of them is to use EZCommander.

A screen shot of the EZCommander window.

EZCommander allows you to send commands to your EZSteppers or EZServos with a single click. Commands strings are entered in the text boxes and sent by clicking on the "Send String" button. You can easily save and store groups of strings. You can also record sequences of commands by clicking the record button and then the appropriate "Send String" buttons in their proper order. When you click the "Playback" button, your commands will be sent in the order and with the same timing as you entered them.

Clicking the "Settings" button opens the Setting Window.

EZCommander Setting Dialog Box

In this window you can choose your comm port and Baud Rate as well as the Protocol in which you wish to communicate. A list of available comm ports is also displayed for your convenience.


Hyperterminal is a terminal emulation program offered by Hilgraeve. You can use Hyperterminal to communicate with your EZSteppers and EZServos through your computer's comm port. This allows you to send commands directly to the units connected to the EZBus as well as receive responses from them. To setup Hyperterminal, follow the instructions below or view the Hyperterminal Video Tutorial.

  1. Make sure no other programs are using the comm port you will be connecting to with HyperTerminal
  2. Open HyperTerminal by following this (typical) path:
    Start/AllPrograms/Accessories/Communications/HyperTerminal/HyperterminalThe path shown is for Windows XP
  3. Name the new connection and select an icon Click OK

Name the new connection and select icon. Click OK

  1. Select connection Click OK Note that USB uses higher port number

Select connection. Click OK

  1. Make the port settings shown below Click Apply, then click OK

Port Settings

  1. In HyperTerminal, choose File/Properties

Choose File/Properties

  1. Click the ASCII Setup button on the Settings tab

EZStepper Properties

  1. Make selections shown below Click OK, then click OK again

ASCII Setup Screen

  1. Click File/Save to store this connection Now you're ready to send commands

Click File/Save

You can open this connection later by choosing File/Open from the HyperTerminal menu.

To change connection properties later, first click the Call/Disconnect icon to terminate the connection.

Visual Basic Programming

You can download a sample VB application by clicking here. This sample VB program allows you to setup a comm port and enter a command string to send to your EZStepper or EZServo. It will then display the response from the unit.


C# Programming

  • C# Example (ZIP, 517KB)

    Python Programming

  • Python Programming Example (PY, 1KB)

    Matlab Programming

  • MatLab Example (ZIP, 71KB)