The Labview Example VI's below are offered without support as examples only. A complex VI in Labview V8.2 and a simple VI in Labview V7.0 are given.


The core of the VI is a simple com port which sends and receives serial commands similar to operation via Hyperterminal.


The V7.0 Labview VI allows sending commands typed into a window similar to hyperterminal.


The V8.2 Labview VI allows setting and graphical display of the Hold Current, Move Current, Max Speed, Acceleration and Commanded Position. ADC Input Readback and displaying of the read value is also supported (For drives that have this functionality). Further manipulation of the On/Off drivers are also supported.


By use of these examples, a more complex VI which exercises more of the functionality of the Drives can be written.


AllMotion can also recommend several Third Party Labview Experts that are familiar with AllMotion Drives.