INTELLI-INCH-JY Stepper Control+Driver

Stepper Motor Controller & Drives

Measuring just 1" X 1" , the Intelli-INCH Stepper Driver + Controller was designed to allow users to create miniature motion control solutions with no programming.

The inputs to this drive are JOYSTICK IN, LEFT LIMIT, RIGHT LIMIT, POWER (9V-30V) and GROUND. (There is no requirement for separate 5V power). The limit inputs accept 5V TTL level signals, or can accept switch closures to ground. The Joystick is a 500 Ohm to 10K range Linear Taper Potentiometer. Please see the Wiring Diagram.

Two on board potentiometers set the MOVE current and the SPEED Speed Multiplier. Current is automatically reduced to one quarter of the move current when not moving. A SLEEP_BAR Input when grounded reduces the current draw to less than 2mA, allowing the drive to be used in battery powered applications. The On board Speed Multiplier Pot sets the range of speeds allowed by the Joystick.


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Type Voltage
Step Resolution # of
Feedback Communication

Controller + Driver 9 - 30 1.0 1/16 1 None None
  • 3-function input: JOYSTICK IN, LEFT LIMIT, RIGHT LIMIT
  • Performs fully profiled motion in response to switches/joystick
  • Move current and speed settable with potentiometers
  • Acceleration settable via fixed resistor
  • Limit switch inputs automatically stop motion
  • 1A chopper (PWM) stepper driver
  • Milliohm FETs allow board to run cool at 100% current
  • Operates from 9V to 30V
  • 1” X 1” X 0.5” thick
  • 1/16th microstep resolution for smooth motion
  • Auto reduction to 25% move current in Hold Mode
  • SLEEP_BAR input reduces current to < 2 mA for battery-powered applications
  • Accepts TTL-level inputs. No external 5V supply required


Data Sheet

Wiring Diagram


2D & 3D CAD Files